CSIAC ROI Dashboard

In response to increasing interest and attention from the software engineering and software acquisition community for benefits data from software technical and management improvements, the CSIAC presents the ROI Dashboard©.  The ROI Dashboard© augments and updates the CSIAC Report "A Business Case for Software Process Improvement" with the latest published data on benefits.   The ROI Dashboard© graphically displays open and publicly available data and provides standard statistical analysis of the data. To learn more about the features and usage of the ROI Dashboard© please read the Overview OR FAQ's.
Step 1:
Select the improvement areas you are interested in
examining (select up to four by using the control key). Note: Improvements are split into two groups: those with extensive benefit data and those with only limited data. To view what improvements organizations have implemented concurrently, please view our improvement area matrix. To view more details about CMM and CMMI improvements click here .

Step 2:
What type of display are you interested in?

Box Plot (details)
Bar Plot (details)
Text (details)

If you have data about the benefits from software process improvements at your organization and would like to submit them for inclusion in the ROI Dashboard©, please Submit a Case Study (if you have concerns regarding privacy or proprietary information, please read about our Data Collection Policy). If you submit data, you are entitled to receive a free gift: either our "A Business Case for Software Process Improvement" report or the CSIAC DOD/IT Acronym List on CD ROM.